About us

Over 36 years of supporting the care industry, by delivering more than just products.

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Focused on your outcomes

The traditional business model for care home supplies is to give customers as much choice as possible, and then let them get on with it.

For us, that’s just not good enough. Our offer has been developed around a simple principle: that our customers are seeking not just the right products and services, but the right outcomes.

We believe our job is to partner with our customers to fully understand what they are trying to achieve, so we can ensure our products and services actually deliver what they’re looking for.

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Driven by our values

Everything we do, both internally and when interacting with customers, is done in accordance with the four Blueleaf values.

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Stronger together.

In an industry which is all about people, we value relationships above all else. When we work together, we are stronger, and we can achieve amazing things that we couldn’t do alone.

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Lead the way.

This is an industry where knowledge and experience matter; so we make it our business to understand it inside-out. To lead the way not just with product but in a broader sense. By continuously improving outcomes for the sector.

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Achieve the outcome

Our job is about making a difference to the people who live and work in the homes we support. Every day, we commit to achieving the outcomes that matter, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

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Care. Always.

Caring isn’t about good intentions. It can’t be. From supporting our local communities, to looking after our own staff, to being there every single day for our customers; we’re committed to matching our words with deeds.

Focused on sustainability

At Blueleaf, we provide the right care products alongside the knowledge, guidance and support to help you on your journey to Net Zero.

Blueleaf are Planet Mark certified, which means we measure and reduce our own carbon footprint year on year, but we’re also putting in place measurement, actions and reporting that will help your business on its own sustainability journey.

female pushing her mum in a wheelchair at a nursing home

People who care.

We’re nothing without the people who deliver for our clients every day. Here are some of the key people you might meet when we work together…

Nick Frogbrook

Chief Executive Officer

Nick is an experienced leader, focused on growing businesses. With a wealth of knowledge in finance, operations and procurement, he is passionate about generating long-term value for clients. Nick is currently leading the way through his initiatives around innovation, partnerships and a sustainability action plan that is aimed at reducing our environmental impact by implementing responsible business practices.

Gabriela Nistor

Customer Service Manager

Gabi leads our Customer Service team whose primary function at Blueleaf is to serve and assist our customers and ensure they feel valued. Often the first point of contact, her team respond to questions that may arise and have many responsibilities including answering inbound calls and emails, to identifying and assessing customer needs.

Helen Kenny

Business Manager

Helen helps lead our national team of Account and Business Development Managers whose focus is on achieving your outcome-based goals. With a wealth of care sector experience, she is passionate about improving the experience for customers and is often found leading the way when it comes to internal training and staff development.

Russell Andrews

Category Manager

Russell leads our team of Category Managers who are responsible for the management of our products and categories. He also leads our programme of new product innovation, where he is always looking to provide more sustainable, cost effective and easy-to-use solutions for our customers.

What we offer.

The products and the expertise to help you deliver
against your goals for your care home or care group.


Consumables, medical equipment, furniture, and much more. All in one place.

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design schemes.

Evidence-based design schemes that prioritise the unique regulations and needs of residents. This is intelligent design.

fabric swatches held by two hands in nursong home

blueleaf hub.

Ordering, budget management and spend overviews are just a click away. Slash your on-screen housekeeping to minutes.

expert support.

Our Account Managers are experienced specialists, and true sector experts. Whatever your goals, we’ll help you get there.

patient dummy surrounded by three female burses in training looking at nursing home hoist equipment
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