What we offer

The essentials every care home needs;
the support you need to get the very most from them.

male nursing home resident with zimmer walking with male carer
female nursing home resident painting watercolours outdoors

everything you need to achieve your goals

At the core of our business are the products that keep care homes across the UK, from small independents to some of Europe’s largest groups, running.

But we go much, much further.

We provide the advice, guidance and support needed to ensure you can deliver the best care for the people who matter most.


We offer a complete collection of care and nursing home products, across eleven categories such as consumables, cleaning chemicals, continence care, equipment, furniture and PPE.  

We boast some of the leading brands such as Tena, Ontex, P&G, Excedo, Joerns and Gojo and hold UK stock of our most popular 2,800 lines to ensure you have exactly what you need, when you need it.

female nursing home carer in nurse uniform putting hand cream on

blueleaf hub

Our innovative, single online source for all your training, product, order and budget management needs designed specially for care home management.

With the ability to order products at the click of a button, along with budget control features and a complete overview of all your spending, you can slash your on-screen housekeeping from hours to minutes.

Once you’ve created your account with us, you can access the Hub instantly via the login button at the top of this screen.

expert support

Our strategic account management services, informed by decades of experience in the care industry, are designed to help you move forward.

Whether you want to increase efficiencies, improve margins or enhance the experience of your residents and staff, we’re here help to you meet and exceed your goals.

patient dummy surrounded by three female burses in training looking at nursing home hoist equipment
fabric swatches held by different workers ina  nursing home

design schemes

We’re experts in transforming spaces into something to be truly proud of, a place where your residents, visitors and staff will feel comfortable and content.

Our collection of evidence-based design schemes deliver better care outcomes and prioritise the unique regulations and needs of residents for a fraction of the cost.

we're not a supplier. we're a partner.

We’re sector specialists, focused on the things that make a difference to the care industry.

Effective cost managment.

A market-leading discount structure, spend analysis, and advanced tools to help you make the most of every £ spent.

Premium Logistics.

Deliveries are made by our own drivers, in our own vehicles. They're properly trained and Dementia Friends-certified.

Expertise you can trust.

From strategic support to staff training, our Account Managers work with you to deliver the outcomes that will make a difference.

A new way to
work together.

The Blueleaf Box is our full-service offer for customers of any size who are able to enter into contract with us.

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strategic account management

Data, insight
& control

staff training

male and female couple pensioner walking amongst grass in sinshine, wearing green aprons
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