Spaces to be proud of.

DesignLAB by Blueleaf is a collection of evidence-based, customisable interior design schemes for care homes created by industry-leading designers.

fabric swatches in a nursing home held by female designer

Exceptional design. Ready to implement.

The thinking behind DesignLAB is simple: by proactively creating a collection of designs that are both beautiful and fully compliant, we can make implementation of better looking spaces faster and much more cost-effective.

Whatever your style, you can choose from 45 beautifully crafted room schemes that not only look good but deliver better care outcomes and prioritise the unique regulations and design needs of care home residents.

care home bedroom with bed
nursing home design schemes

The Design Schemes

Our range of 45 schemes span all key areas of a typical care home, from receptions to hair salons, with choices of scheme in every area.

Designed with inclusivity and dementia principles in mind, these design schemes have been exhaustively researched and developed based on the latest evidence and best practice.

As well as looking great and enhancing the resident experience, they are fully compliant and ready to be implemented. Explore your options by downloading our design schemes brochure.

The Furniture

From country to contemporary, our DesignLAB furniture collections cover a variety of styles and enables you to create an environment that reflects the local area and suits your residents.

But as you would expect from us, our furniture range doesn’t sacrifice practicality for style.

It is ergonomically designed to aid well-being and considers other needs such as wheelchair accessibility, infection control and longevity, with minimal seams and strengthened fixings.

Every piece is built to last, easy to clean and will enhance your care home for years to come.

2 nursing home chairs in brown with blue wall
fabric swatches in a nursing home held by female designer

The Fabrics

DesignLAB includes 80 pre-set upholstery options that have been professionally selected to offer a wide range of colourways and suit any style.

Each upholstery scheme contains a fabric, vinyl, and contrast piping option to give you the peace of mind that it will look great, be compliant, and actively enhance resident confidence when navigating to, and into, seating.

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Stock 7: Complete bedroom refits, delivered in just 7 working days.

No care home wants to bear the enormous costs of empty bedrooms, which is why eight of the DesignLAB bedroom schemes are included in our Stock 7 collection. This means you’ll get your furniture delivered to your care home within just 7 working days.

Reduce lead times, enhance your interior environment, and maximise return on refurbishment investments: download our Stock 7 brochure.

newly refubished nursing home resident room with bed
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