Exclusive pricing.
Unrivalled support.
A new way to work together.

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A complete programme of customer incentives, benefits and support.

The Blueleaf Box is our full-service offer, for customers of any size, who are able to enter into a contract with us.

When we listen to our customers about what they need the same four things always come up: pricing, understanding how to optimise spend and service, proactive account management and the right training for their staff.

The Blueleaf Box is a new way to work together with our partners, focused on those key areas.

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What's in the box?

Based on your individual needs your Blueleaf Box will be created, bespoke for you, using a combination of the following benefits:


Spend less by receiving discounted pricing across our entire range. A new transparent approach to pricing that rewards your loyalty consistently and predictably to make business planning easier.

Strategic Account Management

A dedicated and proactive account manager who using both their experience and expertise, will continuously track progress against your outcome-based goals and make recommendations for improved efficiencies.

Data, Insight & control

Using data, we will be able to identify and provide visibility on cost cutting opportunities, achieve better control of spending, deliver process and service improvements, achieve increased compliance as well as help you on your journey to net zero.


Ensure all your staff maintain compliance, maximise product benefits and deliver the best possible outcomes for residents with our comprehensive training programme that is easily accessible, covers a wide range of topics and is delivered using multiple methods.

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Become a blueleaf box partner

We can't wait to begin working with you as a blueleaf box partner.
Here's how to get started:

New customers

Thanks for your interest in our company. We’d love to learn more about your business, and discuss bringing you on board as a Blueleaf Box partner.

Working with us on an ad-hoc basis?

You’ll still retain the same great standard service you’re used to, but becoming a Blueleaf Box partner gives you so much more.

Already in contract with us?

If you already have a contract with us, then this is very simple. You’ll be automatically enrolled as a Blueleaf Box partner. Your account manager will be in touch to discuss moving forward.

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