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We offer a complete collection of care and nursing home products, across eleven categories such as consumables, cleaning chemicals, continence care, equipment, furniture and PPE.  

We boast some of the leading brands such as Tena, Ontex, P&G, Excedo, Joerns and Gojo and hold UK stock of our most popular 2,800 lines to ensure you have exactly what you need, when you need it.

Bedding and linen

Discover our durable and attractive bedding collections for your care home. Easy to care for, the range features duvets, protectors, bedspreads and pillowcases.

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Care Consumables

Everything you need for your care home to operate efficiently. All of our consumables are designed for ease of use, patient care and hygiene maintenance.

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Care Equipment

Combining functionality and great design, our extensive range of equipment ensures the utmost in patient comfort and staff safety.

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Our handpicked, quality catering products are affordable, practical and long-lasting, designed to help you maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and efficiency.

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Cleaning solutions

Safeguard your care home and those who live and work in it with our range of cleaning chemicals – for a spotless and fresh-smelling environment every day.

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Continence Care

Address all incontinence needs with our range of adult care products. We stock leading brands including Tena and ID, which guarantee comfort of fit and excellent protection.

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Dementia care

Our range of dementia care products are specifically designed to help dementia patients reconnect with their past and the world around them.

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A well-designed care home needs to look the part. All of our items of furniture combine style and comfort with safety and practicality.

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Good housekeeping relies on timely, cost-effective product deliveries. Shop everything from towels and toiletries to lightbulbs and waste bins.

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Infection control

Keep the spread of infection under control and keep your care home compliant with CQC regulations.

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Personal protection

Your staff need the right protective equipment for the job. From household gloves to protective masks, we have everything you need to comply with health and safety requirements.

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we're not a supplier. we're a partner.

We’re sector specialists, focused on the things that make a difference to the care industry.

Effective cost managment.

A market-leading discount structure, spend analysis, and advanced tools to help you make the most of every £ spent.

Premium Logistics.

Deliveries are made by our own drivers, in our own vehicles. They're properly trained and Dementia Friends-certified.

Expertise you can trust.

From strategic support to staff training, our Account Managers work with you to deliver the outcomes that will make a difference.

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