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Selecting the right slings for care home residents

Selecting the right slings for care home residents
Published on
March 29, 2023

Do slings stress you out?

When it comes to selecting the correct slings for your residents, there are a lot of factors to consider that can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Each and every resident will require a different sling based on their individual needs.  From various weight capacities to different product functions such as bathing slings and standing slings – there are plenty of options that can help you to provide safe and comfortable care for residents who require manual handling.

To help you navigate the complex world of slings, we have put together a handy ‘Best Practice’ guide that you can download below:

5 Stages To Best Practice Slings – Quick Guide

Did you know that slings can be a source of cross-infection between your residents?

Best practice infection control is to use person-specific slings only. This offers the lowest risk of cross-infection when lifting and transferring residents.

With even greater focus being put on infection control since the pandemic, it is a great time for you to review your policy and ensure you are following best-practice.

The Steiss Sling Collection

The Steiss sling collection has been developed through continual customer feedback to bring you intelligent design and high-quality products that are built to last.  All Steiss slings are designed to offer exceptional usability and uncompromising accuracy.

  • Choose between 9 designs, 5 fabric choices and 5 sizes.
  • Colour-coded edges and loops promote safety.
  • Embroidered labels that last the life of the sling – keeping you fully compliant.
  • Includes Universal, Bathing, Toileting, In-Situ and Standing slings.
  • Both loop and clip-fixings available.

Not sure what sling your resident needs?

Selecting the right sling for a resident when there are so many options can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced. The Sling Selector tool is carefully designed to assist therapists, nurses and care staff in selecting the most appropriate sling based on resident need, task and equipment variables.

Try our Sling Selector Tool

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