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Ramblegard – Preventing falls in care homes

Ramblegard – Preventing falls in care homes
Published on
May 15, 2023

Did you know that falls account for 40% of admissions to nursing homes and are the leading cause of injury related deaths in adults aged 75 and over?

With such high stakes, an effective falls prevention plan can help you to provide the best care possible and protect your residents from potentially life-threatening falls.

There are many different solutions that can help you to transform your fall prevention plans.

Ramblegard is a brand that is widely recognised and highly respected throughout the care sector.  Experts in fall prevention and patient monitoring systems, Ramblegard products are essential for care home environments where resident movement must be monitored to ensure safety and security.

With solutions to suit every patient need and falls costing the UK economy £800 million per year (according to the HSE), can you afford to miss out?


The solutions we recommend:

Floor Sensors

The Fooorgard sensor mat works by triggering an alarm when someone applies pressure by stepping onto the mat. The Floorgard features a non-slip, robust design, and is commonly placed by the bedside, before a doorway or on the approach to stairs.

Motion Sensors

The Wireless Motiongard PIR Alarm intelligently detects patient movement within a defined area. It is an excellent contact free solution (hence no infection control issues) within a defined area (cordless). When body movement is detected within its line of vision an alarm will be raised via a remote monitor or through an existing call system. Its narrow detection width and adjustable detection distance helps to avoid false alarms.

Chair Sensors

The Wireless Seatgard mat system is designed to alert care staff when a patient attempts to leave their seat. Positioned underneath a chair cushion, the sensor pad will trigger an alarm when someone releases pressure by exiting the chair

Bed Sensors

There are a couple of options when it comes to bed sensor pads.  Over mattress pads such as the Ramblegard Wireless Bedgard mat system is placed directly on top of the mattress (beneath the covers) and will alert staff when the patient attempts to sit up or get out of bed.

Another solution is the Wireless Under Mattress Pad, which can be used with alternating air mattresses.  As the pad is positioned underneath the mattress, it does not interfere with the air mattress benefits.

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If you have any questions about Ramblegard fall prevention and patient monitoring systems, contact us here.

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