Case study

Hamnavoe House

Hamnavoe House – Stromness

What we did
Interior design, FF&E supply and fit-out.

Fully refitted new communal spaces to boost resident wellbeing in line with dementia design principles.

Hamnavoe House


Orkney Care Home is set in the unique town of Stromness. Located by the sea, this busy harbour town’s historic winding streets are bursting with unique charm; and we wanted to extend this into the care home. As a result, we needed to ensure the architecture of the home mirrored its glorious location, by using materials sourced from the nature surrounding the building, enabling it to blend harmoniously into its habitat.

The Challenge

Briefed and brought in by Orkney Builders (the building contractor, as opposed to the care home operator), the project required a full fit-out of a newly built care home that was dementia-friendly, and paid respect to the local area.

Faced with adverse weather conditions, we lost 1.5 days during the installation as all ferry crossings were cancelled. We also had to deal with 65mph winds, so any curtain-side trucks couldn’t be used. Nevertheless, great teamwork with swift delivery and placement meant we were still able to stick to our tight deadline, and create a fully fitted out care home that fit the Orkney Care Home’s brief in 7 days.

How we did it

The design incorporated groups of pendant lights at different levels, LED recess strip lighting around the perimeter of the roof glazing and wall lights at first floor height along the walls. The lighting and colour contrasting critical surfaces created truly inclusive spaces which cater for the needs of residents and appeals to visitors. Bespoke furniture was manufactured, including large comfortable high-back circular seating and two unique coffee tables, designed to sit on top of round upholstered footstools. Clever use of this furniture and dividing features breaks up the large space and achieves the flexibility needed to host a variety of community events.

We continued the natural aesthetic throughout the entire design, encompassing everything from the fabric pattern choices to the wallpaper designs.

Boasting breathtakingly quaint views of the harbour, we wanted to ensure these views remained the focal point, so we selected a calm and neutral colour palette, to complement the views, without overpowering them. With the large spanning windows bringing in an abundance of light, we wanted even those who weren’t able to get outside, to still experience and enjoy it.

With each and every corridor and room boasting its own unique view, we designed each space around its viewpoint, so that it would not only act as a conversation starter, but would also aid residents with finding their way.

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