Brunelcare – Little Heath Care and Support, Bristol

Brunelcare Little Heath is a dementia care home nestled in the hills of Bristol – a city with centuries old heritage and a creative spirit.

The team at Brunelcare understand that moving into a care home can unsettling for new residents, and so they try to make the transition as seamless as possible, with an ethos that every home should feel like a home from home.

Blueleaf were brought in to provide specialist interior design for dementia care and we chose a palette of gentle warm hues to enhance the character of every room and bring a sense of calm to the designs.

We also introduced natural wayfinding in the home to help retain the independence of the residents, through intelligent colour schemes that support orientation and welcome you into a cosy lounge at the end of each corridor. These destination points offer a space for residents to explore, whilst a thoughtful selection of seating option provide somewhere comfortable to rest. The design of each corridor wing has been inspired by local foliage, such as Bramble, Juniper and Mulberry, and these themes of nature evoke a positive connection to nature that is so important to the wellbeing of the residents.

Fit for purpose furniture was specified throughout the home offering a variety of styles to suit the unique requirements of the individual residents. It was also important to ensure the products were comfortable and helped to create a fantastic environment not only for the residents but for the staff to work in and the relatives to come and visit.

One of the stand-out features is the Town Square in the main entrance; it accommodates custom-made shop fronts, street lighting, bench seating and a café. It is an area that is not only a inviting space to welcome in residents, staff, and visitors but also offers an environment that is safe for the residents to meet in and get an experience of a day out away from the home.

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