Our interior design process

There’s a clear method to the way we work, and we make sure to cover everything that really matters to you:
the practical, and the inspirational. Here’s how it goes:


You can’t start any process without a clear and open discussion, and we’re firm believers in challenging the status quo – so with us, everything’s on the table. We take your brief and form an effective strategy that encompasses all of your goals.


We get to work creating exciting concepts and visuals to embody your vision, as well as outlining estimates. We’ll set out 3D CAD drawings that make it easy for you to see your project come to life.


Working quickly and efficiently, we transform your spaces into something exceptional – all with minimal disruption to your care home and your routines. We stick to our agreed timings, and we’re always on hand after completion to test your redesign.

Got a vision for your care home? We want to see it.

You can get in touch with us to discuss your ideas and get the ball rolling. Alternatively, check out some of our latest projects and be inspired.

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