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Blueleaf & TENA partner for World Continence Week

Blueleaf & TENA partner for World Continence Week
Published on
June 30, 2024

Blueleaf and TENA partner to promote best practice and sustainability incontinence care and host Bloom and Grow workshops


Blueleaf Care promoted best practice in continence care to champion World Continence Week (17-21 June) to help care homes deliver better outcomes for residents and help reduce their environmental impact through the choice of products they purchase.

 Blueleaf also partnered with global leading continence brand TENA, to run Learning Circles for carers across 16 care homes this week. Each of the sessions included discussion on best practice for care home staff, with TENA experts explaining the health and sustainability benefits of using the right products for its intended purpose.

With two out of three people in care homes requiring continence care, best practice can deliver the dual benefit of increasing a resident’s quality of life while reducing a care home’s environmental impact.

 In addition to the education sessions, Blueleaf and TENA are also marking World Continence Week by hosting a series of Bloom & Grow activity workshops for residents, providing sunflower seeds for them to sow in pots for their rooms or around the home. These sessions are designed to support the care home’s commitment to provide social activities, which are beneficial to residents’ cognitive function; so too is connecting with nature by handling soil, watering and tending flowers.

Bloom & Grow workshops across care homes


Ellen Brown, Sales and Marketing Director of Blueleaf Care, says encouraging best practice is a priority for Blueleaf: “Well managed continence care improves a resident’s quality of life considerably, preventing avoidable accidents which can result in further health complications, but it also helps to improve sustainability in care homes. “With government priorities and CQC regulations steering our industry towards more sustainable practices, we’ll be doing all that we can to support our care home customers. Collaboration is going to be key to a safe, responsible, and sustainable future. By running this series of workshops we’re informing carers on the right products to use for each resident, which will in turn reduce waste – and cost – as well as help to preserve the dignity and quality of life of every individual.”


Richard Barker, Key Account Manager at TENA says World Continence Week provides a platform to break taboos in continence care: “Here at TENA, we’re educating care workers that using the right product for each resident is critical. In doing so, we are helping to prevent leakages and poor skin health, while also helping to reduce laundry costs and overall workload for care workers; freeing them up to spend their time caring for residents. “We want to encourage a new way of thinking for care homes andreally see the value in ‘use better, use less’, directly helping to reducecosts and reduce the environmental footprint at the same time.”

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