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Blueleaf launches new bedroom range with faster delivery times

Blueleaf launches new bedroom range with faster delivery times
Published on
August 29, 2023

Blueleaf, the nationwide business that helps care homes deliver better outcomes, has launched Stock 7, an updated range of bedroom refit solutions that can be delivered quickly from UK stock to help care providers avoid the cost of empty rooms.


The new range comprises eight different bedroom schemes to match different tastes and budgets. They include not only beds and mattresses, wardrobes, and other associated furniture, but also matching curtains, soft furnishings and linen. The schemes also include ancillary items such as crash mats and overbed tables. Paints and finishes are also recommended for each of the design.


The launch of Stock 7addresses one of the principal issues that every care home faces – the need to maintain 100% occupancy levels wherever possible. Rather than having to wait up to three months for a new suite to be delivered, Stock 7 can be delivered and installed within seven working days, anywhere in the UK.


If time and situation permits, the speed of delivery enables a care home to consult with the families of a new guest and the guest themselves on the style and colours that would suit them best. Taking an inclusive approach, and the feeling of shared ownership, can be a significant benefit in making the resident feel comfortable from the start.


The choice of eight pre-designed schemes – carefully created by a team of visionary designers who specialise in care design – also significantly eases the buying process, and ensures the rooms are compliant with industry regulation and entirely fit for purpose. It takes the burden of responsibility for the interior design away from the care home manager and puts it into the hands of experts more skilled in the role.


Ellen Brown, Sales and Marketing Director of Blueleaf, says Stock 7 is yet another example of how the business is delivering on its mission to help care home providers deliver exceptional outcomes: “With Stock 7 we are giving care homes a refurbishment option that offers a fast turnaround, comprehensive styling, and a quick return on investment.


“Whether a care home is looking to refit an individual room to welcome a new guest, or is undertaking a home-wide refurbishment programme, we have the quality designs to reflect your brand and the quality of care you provide.”

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