CombiScreen is a rapid urine screening test for diabetes, liver disease, haemolytic disease, urinary tract infections, kidney disorders and metabolic abnormalities. Advanced technology and unique quality features integrated into the design and packaging ensure optimum performance throughout the life of the product. These features provide confidence in the accuracy and consistency of results. Colour pads on the strip match perfectly with the label spacing Parallel reading scale is easier to compare at a glance – no twisting strip round the can Colour changes are distinct in the clinical decision range Results all read together after 60 seconds(Leucocytes 60-120seconds) Enamel label resistant to fading, provides more consistent colour for accurate matching Tests for: b = blood l = leukocyte u = urobilinogen br = bilirubin n = nitrite sg = specific gravity g = glucose = protein k = ketone h = pH

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10 Parameter Urinalysis Test Strips x 50

Code: CN624702
Size 1 x 50
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