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General Equipment

Band Tourniquet Latex-Free - Single Use x 25
Code: CN606051
Catheter Night Drainage Bag with Tap - 2000ml
Code: CN624715
Nexus Blood Glucose Monitor Kit
Code: CN634519
Quick Release Elasticated Tourniquet with Strap
Code: FA976855
Digital indoor/outdoor thermometer
Code: GE262701
Floating Bath Thermometer
Code: GE262704
Wall thermometer
Code: GE262705
Water Dipping Thermometer
Code: GE262707
Stethoscope - Dual Head
Code: GE273865
Stethoscope - Single Head
Code: GE273866
Penlight  torch - disposable x 6
Code: GE273870
Penlight Torch - Reusable
Code: GE273871
Dressing Scissors 5
Code: GE273872
Dressing Scissors 5
Code: GE273874
Dressing Scissors 5
Code: GE273875
Spencer Wells Forceps - Straight - 5
Code: GE273876
Emergency Tough Cut Scissors Black 18.5cm
Code: GE273878
Lockable Patient Medicine Cabinet (40 x 30 x 12cm)
Code: GE311732
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