Replacement small cuff for compatible OMRON blood pressure monitors. This cuff is suitable for use on upper arms with a circumference of 17-22cm and is compatible with the following OMRON devices:

  •  M2 Basic (HEM-7121J-E)
  •  M2 (HEM-7121-E)
  •  M300 (HEM-7121-D)
  •  M1 Basic (HEM-7121J-AF / HEM-7121J-LAF)
  •  X2 Basic (HEM-7121J-EO)

Please note: This cuff is not suitable for use on Comfort devices or devices which use OMRON Intelli Wrap Cuff.

Dimensions: 80 x 35 x 140mm

Omron Cuff - Small

Code: PM735807
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