Manufactured specifically for sufferers of moderate to heavy incontinence, this All in One offers maximum protection for those who require greater care or have over-active bladders. The TENA Slip Maxi has Twin Core technology for fast absorption and a FeelDry™ Layer which retains liquid and keeps the surface feeling dry. This means that the product can be worn for long periods of time with minimal discomfort. This product also features a wetness indicator which lets the user or carer know when the All in One needs changing. The Tape Landing Zone on the TENA Slip Maxi now has wider fixation tape hooks, enabling the fixation tabs to be adjusted and reapplied without the risk of tearing the product. This also means that the user can feel secure using the All in One. As a final layer of defence, this item has contoured, elasticated edging for an increased secure fit. Working in conjunction with the water-repellent barrier and odour neutralizer, they protect the user's clothing by preventing the escape of any liquid or unpleasant smells. The new design features ConfioAir™ technology allowing skin to breathe and maintaining skin health. The new textile-like material feels more gentle against the skin and the breathable back sheet maintains dryness. All material has been dermatologically tested to ensure skin stays healthy. Benefits & Features ConfioAir™ Breathable Backsheet Water-Repellent Barrier Wetness Indicator Tape Landing Zone for Re-adjustment FeelDry™ Layer Twin Core Technology for Rapid Absorption

Tena Slip Maxi Breathable - Large x 72 (712140)

Code: IN306300
Size Large
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