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Housekeeping Sundries

Silicone spray (400ml)
Code: CM503124
Pressure Sprayer with Chemical Resistant Seals - 5ltr
Code: CM538100
Cable Ties 2.5 x 200mm - Black x 100
Code: CS748251
Safety A-Frame Sign 'Wet Floor'
Code: CS748261
Wet Floor Cone
Code: CS748264
Excedo 3.58 De-Ionised Water - 2 x 5ltr
Code: CS748265
Safety A-Frame sign 'closed for cleaning'
Code: FM971156
Excedo V2 System Cartridge Soap Dispenser - 1ltr
Code: HC145534
Excedo V2 System Cartridge Sanitiser Dispenser - 1ltr
Code: HC145537
Alkaline 'D' Batteries x 2
Code: HC154789
Alkaline 'C' Batteries x 2
Code: HC154791
Alkaline 1500 'AA' Batteries x 4
Code: HC154792
Alkaline 'AAA' Batteries X 4
Code: HC154793
Purell ADX-12 push dispenser 1200ml - white (8820-06)
Code: HS163339
Gojo ADX-7 push dispenser 700ml - chrome/black
Code: HS163344
Deb Instant Sanitiser Foam Touchfree dispenser
Code: HS163350
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