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Kitchen Accessories

Catering Foil 18
Code: KA247715
Wrapmaster Clingfilm 450mm X 300m - Refills x 3
Code: KA247729
Cotton Glass Cloth x 10
Code: KA247732
Kelso Dessert Spoon x 12
Code: ED834000
Kelso Soup Spoon (12)
Code: ED834001
Kelso Teaspoon x 12
Code: ED834002
Kelso Table Fork (12)
Code: ED834003
Athena Hotelware Saucer D/W 145mm (24)
Code: ED834005
Athena Hotelware Oatmeal Bowl 153mm 6
Code: ED834006
Athena Hotelware Stacking Cup 200ml 7oz (24)
Code: ED834007
Plate Cover - Vented
Code: ED834023
Plastic Tumbler - 10oz (280ml)
Code: ED834024
Kelso Table Knife (12)
Code: ED834031
Warwick Cup Tumbler - 280ml
Code: ED871099
Athena Hotelware Rimmed Soup Bowl 228mm 9
Code: ED834008
Athena Hotelware Wide Rimmed Plate - 165mm/6.5
Code: ED834011
Athena Hotelware Wide Rimmed Plate 203mm 8
Code: ED834013
Athena Hotelware Wide Rimmed Plate 228mm 9
Code: ED834015
Plastic plate surround guard
Code: ED834022
Wrapmaster 1000 Cling Film 30cm x 100m Domestic x 3
Code: KA247716
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