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Pressure Care

Steiss AX310 cushion only
Code: PR723310
Battery Air Pump and Cushion System
Code: PR723317
Repose mattress overlay and Pump
Code: PR732801
Dynamic 7
Code: PR732844
Dynamic 5
Code: PR732845
 Dynamic 4
Code: PR732849
Repose cushion with pump
Code: PR754455
Medi Visco Pressure Relieving Cushion - High Risk
Code: PR754457
Medi Care pressure relieving cushion medium risk
Code: PR754458
Foam ankle ring with vapour permeable cover
Code: PR754460
Medi Comfort Pressure Relieving Cushion Low Risk
Code: PR754469
Steiss 50mm underlay mattress
Code: PR766241
Replacement Mattress Cover for Steiss SXM200
Code: PR766264
Replacement Mattress Cover for Steiss SXM300
Code: PR766265
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