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Moving and Handling Equipment

Exitmaster EGO Evacuation Chair
Code: EA779200
Evacuation Sledge with Wall Hung Pouch
Code: EA786821
Evacuation Sheet for Dynamic Air Mattress
Code: EA786822
Evacuation sheet for static foam mattress
Code: EA786823
Albac Standard Evacuation Mat 193cm x 64cm
Code: EA786824
Albac Large Evacuation Mat 193cm x 94cm
Code: EA786827
Rubber ferrule 18mm
Code: GE383789
Rubber ferrule 22mm
Code: GE383790
Rubber ferrule 25mm
Code: GE383791
Loco rota stand
Code: MH493449
Patient rotator (380mm)
Code: MH493450
Flat slide sheet with handles - 200 x 85cm
Code: MH493456
Long Slide Sheet Maxi - 200 x 71cm
Code: MH493457
Steiss STM Patient Transfer Aid
Code: MH493458
Swift Ultraslide slider sheet Standard - 183 x 126cm
Code: MH493460
SUPA disposable slide sheet standard x 100
Code: MH493461
SUPA disposable slide sheet wide x 100
Code: MH493464
Large slide sheet - 145 x 71cm
Code: MH493469
Loco One way unislide for bed
Code: MH493471
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