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Bedroom Equipment

Connected Side Rail Bumpers - 134 x 76cm
Code: BE232142
Full Length Side Rail Bumpers - 76cm x 200cm
Code: BE232149
Bed prop up wedge with V/P cover - FWL
Code: BE232159
Bed Frame Extension for Hartwell/Ashton
Code: BE232160
Ashton Bed Extra Long Side Rails 2183mm - Oak x 4
Code: BE232172
Wooden Chair Raisers 75mm (4)
Code: BE232173
Extended Bed Side Rail Bumpers with Mesh Window
Code: BE232182
Head or Foot Board Protectors - Single
Code: BE232183
Langham Adjustable Linked Chair Raisers
Code: BE232198
Folding Fallout/Crash Mat - Blue
Code: BE232209
Folding bed cradle
Code: BE232211
Fracture Bed Pan
Code: BE232212
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