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Respiratory Consumables

Suction Connecting Tube 200cm x 6mm x 25
Code: RC811901
Tender Tip Suction catheters 10FG 60cm (100)
Code: RC811908
Bascorol/Vacuaide Suction Machine Filter
Code: RC811912
3A Suction Machine Disposable Liner
Code: RC811914
3A suction machine flow regulator
Code: RC811915
Silicone Manual Resuscitator - Adult
Code: RC811916
3A suction machine filter
Code: RC811922
Suction Machine Tubing - 1m
Code: RC811923
Yankauer Suction Mini - 18cm x 25
Code: RC811931
Silicone Disp Nasopharyngeal Airway 9mm
Code: RC811935
Suction Catheter with Flow Control - 10CH Black x 100
Code: RC811939
Suction Catheter with Flow Control - 12CH White x 100
Code: RC811940
Suction Catheter with Flow Control - 14CH Green x 100
Code: RC811941
Yankauer Suction Tube with Vacuum Control - Midi
Code: RC811944
Suction Tube - 6mm x 200cm
Code: RC811945
Suction Connecting Tube 300cm x 5mm (25)
Code: RC811955
Nebuliser Mask
Code: RC822711
Nebuliser mouthpiece & tubing
Code: RC822712
Nebuliser Mask Chamber & Tubing - Adult
Code: RC822713
Disposable Resuscitation CPR Face Shield
Code: RC835600
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