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About Us

At Blueleaf, we empower the success of care homes around the world through the passion of our people and smart solutions.

Our core solutions allow you to focus on your space to innovate and resident care without sacrificing revenue.

• Comprehensive design, from a seven-day bedroom refresh, to an inspirational and wholescale remodelling of your space, from concept to completion.

• A dedicated online order system, so staff spend less time on process, and managers can view operations and drive efficiencies.

• A portfolio of products that perform, from cleaning materials and soft furnishings through to all the items and equipment staff need to work safely and help enrich the lives of residents.

As well, we provide unrivalled support, working for you online or on site. Whether you are buying everyday consumables or embarking on a wholesale refit, we are here for you.

Because when you are freed from sweating over the small stuff, you have the time and space to focus on the big picture.

Bringing together the right design, detail and operations, so you have the space to care.

Our Promise

We handle everything to do with the care environment; the space in which care takes place. But more than that, we identify and take away the logistical and administrative headaches care staff would rather live without – giving them the headspace to concentrate on providing the best care.

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