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Steiss UTS Universal Therapy Surface Auto Mattress System

Product Code PR-089-520
A unique mattress system, using groundbreaking new technology to offer complete versatility.

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The UTS is a ground breaking Unique hybrid step-up/step down Mattress system. The UTS provides the best in comfort, function, efficiency & clinical excellence in line with best practice guidelines. Suitable for grade I-IV pressure care: clinically proven grade III and IV pressure care ability unlike other hybrid systems as the cells are formatted uniquely. UTS is the first Mattress system with a sealed section containing foam within each individual cell (this anti twist technology stops foam twist within the cell meaning it is truly the only hybrid mattress that manages risk for all levels of pressure grade). Boasting no visible air Pump, the UTS is the only mattress with an integral pump on the market. Both quiet and vibration free, UTS facilitates the optimum in aesthetics. No cable management is required. In built pump is an air on demand fully digital system that self regulates as required to maintain the set levels. Offering alternating and non-alternating pressure options. Truly adaptable to clinical preference: The adaptability of the layers means the UTS can go from achieving a complete 127mm alternation when in dynamic mode, to facilitating very individual needs also: the three-part 50mm top foam mattress enables the possibility of individual bespoke pressure relief as required by a Clinician, and alternatively, the 50mm foam mattress can be safely stowed away in the special underlay pocket on the underside of the alternating cells to create a true Full Mattress replacemen system. The UTS has a full heel guard management offering, we can truly achieve precision in pressure care. Micro climate management is controlled giving true plug and go capability where comfort pressure is adjusted automatically through back pressure readings of user weight. The UTS can be transported in fully inflated condition and pump turned off this will last up to 24 hours, and ensure that patient comfort is maintained during power loss periods. Can be easily rolled up when deflated, in a carry bag complete with carrying handles. Making transportation and storage simple. "

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