Care Beds and Pressure Care Mattresses

Bedrooms are one of the most lived in spaces in a care home and making sure they are fully kitted out with the right equipment will help to ensure resident comfort and can also make caring for each resident a lot easier.

There are many bed and mattress solutions that have been developed and designed specifically for the care industry, each with their own benefits and individual features.  Ultimately, each solution should offer adaptability and comfort for both the resident and the carer, and be designed in a way that makes a bedroom feel like a home.


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Static Mattresses Vs Dynamic Air Mattresses

Static mattress and dynamic air mattresses are two systems that both support the provision of pressure care.  However, they differ in the way they function and are suitable for different residents, based on the level of care they require.  Take a look below at how the two systems vary, and click the links to view the collections available from Blueleaf.


Static Mattresses

Static mattresses help to reduce pressure as they mould and contour around the body. They work by spreading the user’s weight over a large area, relieving the pressure over bony areas that are prone to ulcer development.


Dynamic Air Mattresses

Dynamic air mattresses are made up of multiple air pockets or cells which inflate and deflate to help provide pressure relief and increase blood flow across the resident’s body.



Types of profiling beds…

Profiling beds have become an essential element of every care home.  Their flexibility and adaptability make them the perfect solution for providing care that is tailored to the individual needs of every resident.  Here are some of the solutions that are available:


Low profiling beds can help to reduce the risk of injury from falls as they can be positioned closer to the floor. They are often more accessible for residents with limited mobility and as a result, can help to prolong resident independence.

Standard profiling beds are the most common in the care sector.  They are close in height to regular beds and can therefore help to create a domestic and homely environment.

Wide profiling beds provide a solution for residents who require additional space in bed. They offer more room and have a higher weight capacity than the standard and low profiling options.

Ultra low profiling beds are the perfect solution for residents that are inclined to roll whilst in bed. This is because they can be set close to floor level which drastically reduces the impact if the resident were to fall.


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There are lots of regulations when it comes to setting up your profiling beds correctly and it can sometimes be tricky to capture them all.  That’s why we created the Blueleaf bed measurement guide – our handy ruler that has all the measurements you need to make sure your profiling beds are compliant.