Mattresses - One Size Doesn't Fit All

At Blueleaf we endeavour to meet the need of our clients and make their lives easier. We do this in various ways, such as offering a full bedroom refresh in 7 days, offering a single source supplier solution or by supplying pressure care mattresses that take away the financial and physical strain of treating pressure ulcers.


We understand the cost that comes with the lack of appropriate resources in the care industry. This cost is not just financial but also impacts on staff retention and resident well-being. The Steiss Care Mattress range from Blueleaf has been developed to meet the real-world needs of care home staff and residents. They allow staff to focus on creating a true space to care by liberating time that would be spent on treating pressure sores.


At Blueleaf we understand that your goal is to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating for your home/homes and this cannot be done with inappropriate equipment and low staff morale. By using the most appropriate equipment for each resident you are taking effective steps in reaching your goal whilst maximising budgets and staff time.


We encourage you now to look through the specific benefits of the Steiss Care Mattresses and the various models that are available to you.


Battery Back Up

Battery Back Up

The transfer function switches the AC power to battery power. Also works as a battery backup in case of power failure.


Static Mode

Pressure care mattress benefit - static mode.

Attempt to address areas of high contact pressure by re-distributing the body mass over a greater surface area through a process of immersion. Automatically reverts back to alternating mode after a set time.

Auto Adjustment

Pressure care benefit - auto adjustment

Automatically adjust the internal pressure of the airs cells in response to individual body weight, distribution and posture, maintaining a high level of comfort and optimal pressure re-distribution and relieving.


Narrow Heel Cells 

Pressure care mattress benefit - narrow heel cells

Heel zone of seven low-pressure micro cells designed to provide individualised therapy to the vulnerable heel area.


Low-Pressure Alarm

Pressure care mattress benefit - low pressure alarm

To notify caregivers if there is a situation of inadequate pressure.


Service Notification

Pressure care mattress benefit - service notification

To notify caregivers when the system is due in for a service.


Alternating Mode

Pressure care mattress benefit - Alternating Mode

Continuously and sequentially inflate and deflate air cells to mimic natural sleep movement patterns and avoid long-term pressurization of tissue, providing protection against ischemia whilst stimulating blood circulation.


Max Firm Mode

Pressure care mattress benefit - max firm mode

Other than inflating a new mattress, this function is normally used to stabilise the mattress for nursing procedures. After a set time in this mode, the system will revert back to the previous setting.


Cell in Cell Technology

Pressure care mattress benefit - cell in cell technology

The cells conform to the contours of the body structure and movement. The inner cells can provide hours of support even during power failure.


Micro Air Loss

Pressure care mattress benefit - micro air loss

Provides good ventilation and helps reduce the accumulation of heat and moisture.


Panel Lock 

Pressure care mattress benefit - Panel Lock

Automatically lock the panel in order to prevent unauthorised change of settings.


Power Failure Alarm

Pressure care mattress benefit - power failure alarm

To notify caregivers if there is a situation of power loss.


At Blueleaf we understand that pressure isn't a one size fits all problem so we don't have a one size fits all solution. We accommodate all of our customer's needs by offering a broad range of Steiss Mattresses so you can tailor your order to match your specific requirement as you can see by our graphic below:

The range of benefits from range of Steiss mattresses from Blueleaf.

If you would like to know more about our mattresses reach out to your account manager today on 03300 55 22 88 or email us on info@blueleafcare.com

Alternatively, you can browse the full range of pressure care items here.

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