Christmas 2018 ordering and deliveries schedule

Please note your Christmas ordering and delivery details are now available. 

Simply log in to your account for full details using the button in the top right of this page, or see the table below. 

To ensure you receive sufficient stock to cover your needs for the period, we encourage you to place your orders well in advance. 

Extended services this year… 

Please note, to help you deliver a continued service and ensure you are not without in the event of an emergency need, we are offering the following emergency support service this year:

Available every day for emergency deliveries except for bank holidays.

Customer services 
Available every day apart from bank holidays, from Monday, 24th December until Wednesday the 2nd of January, from 9am till 3pm. Outside of these days, we are available as usual from 8am until 5pm.

Should you require these services during this period, please call us on 03300 55 22 88

Full Christmas ordering and delivery details 

If your usual delivery day is:Please order by:To receive your last scheduled delivery on:Order enough supplies for the following number of weeks:
Monday 13/12/2018 17/12/2018 3
Tuesday 14/12/2018 18/12/2018 3
Wednesday 17/12/2018 19/12/2018 2
Thursday 18/12/2018 20/12/2018 2
Friday 19/12/2018 21/12/2018 2

Please note your deliveries will resume to your usual schedule as of the week commencing 2nd January 2019.

Should you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 03300 55 22 88 or email us on info@blueleafcare.com

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