Ready for a Storm?

As the media is currently reporting, the latest outlook in weather includes strong gusts and heavy downpours with the arrival of Storm Diana, this week.

Also reported is the promise that we’re in for the ‘coldest winter on record’.

Earlier this year the “Beast from the East” caused mayhem across the country and it was clear that the country as a whole was not prepared for such a blizzard. Current warnings tell us that this year we should expect the same cold snap for a longer period of time with potentially lower temperatures.

Whatever the weather, we must be prepared.

Cold weather and treacherous conditions are life-threatening to older people, none less those in a care home. When indoor temperatures drop below 16 degrees Celsius, the risk of flu, respiratory illness and raised blood pressure increases, while heart attacks, strokes and hypothermia can swiftly follow. Snowstorms and ice, flooding and treacherous gale force winds can play havoc with our roads and potentially limit or even stop supplies. Staff and services could find it particularly hard getting to and from the care home.

As such, we’ve put together this checklist to help:

Emergency contact numbers:

Policy and Procedure checklist: 

Which ones have you completed?
Ensure all staff are immunised against the flu.
Ensure you have a stockpile of PPE to aid in infection control.
Ensure that residents have been immunised against shingles if appropriate.
Ensure you have an emergency stock kept aside.
Keep insurance and key documentation papers in a safe and accessible place and inform key staff of their location, if required.
Ensure your heating system has been recently checked and serviced.
Prepare a contingency plan in case the heating system fails.
If not done already, draft and share ‘a communication plan in emergencies’ for your resident’s family and next-of-kin. Include how you can contact each other in a state of a power or phone outage.
Also, a top tip shared with us is to download a ‘flash lamp’ app to phones and have a tablet charged up with your emergency contact list to hand on it.


We hope this helps, and please remember we try our hardest to help you out in the best way we can at all times, especially in times of emergency, so please be sure to add our number to your emergency list too – 03300 55 22 88 

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