Interior design. Infection control. How to find the right balance.

When it comes to infection control, every aspect of a care environment can help prevent the development and spread of germs – and the interior design is no exception.

While furnishings and fittings may be perceived as being somewhat secondary to items such as healthcare equipment, they actually play a pivotal role in combating infections.

But here’s the thing, the interior design solutions that perform the best when it comes to managing infection don’t necessarily always tend to perform particularly well when it comes to visual appeal.

Creating and maintaining the right environment is key within care home settings, particularly when it comes to showing visitors around for the first time. Like all venues, first impressions count, and having a welcoming and inviting environment gives off the right impression to visitors, as well as helps make residents feel right at home.

So, is it really possible for your interior design to look appealing and provide effective infection control? Yes, it is, and here are five ways you can go about striking the right balance between the two:


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