Spring Clean Fundamentals

A deep clean after the long winter months pays dividends that go beyond infection control. 

It takes only a matter of minutes for someone to make up their mind about your home, and what they see, and smell will influence whether that impression is positive or negative. 

If standards slip, there is a danger that illnesses may spread, and homes can be investigated by the CQC, so here are three steps to consider before embarking on a comprehensive clean.

1. Timing matters

The deep clean is a springtime tradition and the timing makes sense as during the colder months, central heating creates an ideal breeding ground for germs. Bacteria and viruses can get transferred from residents, to floors, and back up again to other residents, staff and even visitors.

Odour control and cleanliness clearly communicate the highest standards of care and instantly create a comfortable atmosphere for residents, staff and visitors.


2. Avoid the cheapest products

Ensuring you have the correct hygiene products in your care home is vital in maintaining a healthy environment. However, when your budget is tight, it’s sometimes tempting to go for a budget offer.

But beware of the false economy. Not only will your products be less effective, it will take your staff longer to complete the job.

Instead, invest in quality – and, incidentally, that doesn’t mean opting for the most expensive. With the right tried and tested products at their disposal, your staff will work more efficiently and deliver a cleaner, more hygienic home.


3. Don’t use more chemicals than you need

It’s a myth that chemicals work better in greater quantities. All products differ, and you need to ensure your team follows directions specific to the product they’re using.

For example, Blueleaf products are concentrated so, you don’t need to use huge quantities to achieve the desired result.


Some recommended brands

All of these brands and their products are available at Blueleaf. Click here to start your order and find out more.

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