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Our sector is subject to constant change but what issues are likely to have the biggest impact? Our people travel the length and breadth of the country visiting clients and observing best practice, and here they set out their insight into what care homes will need to stay ahead of the curve.

How to promote staff wellbeing in care homes
  • wellbeing
  • mental health

14th November 2019 by Silas Campbell

Stressed workers in the UK took off a combined total of 12.5 million days in 2017, according to researchStatistics show that 40% of all work-related health issues arise from stress, anxiety or depression.


Ways we can reduce plastic waste in the care sector
  • plastic
  • plastic waste
  • care homes

11th November 2019 by Silas Campbell

Approximately 12 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in our oceans every year. Plastic residue is found in fish, seabirds and other marine animals; and there are even traces of it in creatures living seven miles below the sea.


Energy resource efficiency in care homes: a complete guide
  • energy
  • resource efficiency

5th November 2019 by Roy Edwards

Every year, the UK’s healthcare sector spends £400 million on energy - but much of this is wasted. or care homes in particular, it can be all-too-easy to lose track of energy consumption.


Promoting the lifestyle of retirement villages
  • retirement villages
  • retirement living
  • real estate

27th September 2019 by Roy Edwards

By 2021, it’s predicted that 23% of the 73 million population will be aged 65 and over. Statistics in care homes show that in 2011, 59.2% of residents were aged 85 or over - an increase from 56.5% 10 years before.


A look at the delayed social care green paper: 2.5 years on
  • social care green paper

1st November 2019 by Roy Edwards

The statistics are tough, but they’re important to comprehend: over 1.4 million people in England are being denied the care they need, due to a combination of cuts in the care sector, means testing and rationing.


The future of care homes
  • care sector
  • future
  • technology
  • robots
  • brexit
  • ageing population
  • AI
  • dementia

16th September 2019 by Roy Edwards

The care sector is in a time of change, and while there is a degree of uncertainty as to what the future holds, the opportunities are also exciting.


Elderly care around the world: how does the UK compare?
  • elderly care
  • care sector
  • global
  • worldwide

6th September 2019 by Roy Edwards

From modular, affordable housing, to dementia villages and the introduction of robots, there are many exciting initiatives appearing in elderly care around the world.


The pressure of staff shortages in care homes
  • staff shortages
  • brexit
  • ageing population

29th August 2019 by Roy Edwards

The level of vacancies and turnovers in the care sector are the highest they’ve ever been, which is putting an increasing amount of pressure on care homes.


How to get an outstanding CQC rating
  • cqc

20th August 2019 by Roy Edwards

Getting an outstanding Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating can sometimes seem unattainable given the current challenges being faced by social care in the UK. 


Recruitment and retention: the impact of Brexit on social care
  • brexit
  • recruitment
  • care

20th August 2019 by Roy Edwards

The UK voted to leave the European Union (EU) on 23rd June 2016, with Article 50 triggered on 29th March 2017. With the initial deadline having passed, we're all in limbo.


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